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BIOTEOS Act today, protect tomorrow

Combining nature and tech in the service of people Reducing urban air pollution Improve CO2 thanks to microalgae Be an actor in the energy transition

Responsible for 75% of Earth's O2
Photosynthesis power 4 times more "efficient" than trees
1 kg of microalgae capture 2 kg of CO2
Building a better future with microalgae


We decided to combine Nature & Technology to design OXYLON: a functional urban furniture improving the air quality of interior spaces welcoming the public as well as 30 trees would. How? ‘Or’ What ? Thanks to the great properties of microalgae.

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Uses nature to purify the air wb_cloudy Captures CO2, COV, NOx, PM2.5 10 waves Treats 700 m3 of air every hour wifi_tethering Optimized purification power thanks to IoT
  • Romain Dhenin
    Romain Dhenin Sales & Marketing Manager
  • Romain Baheux
    Romain Baheux Production & Technical Manager



HubInnovation, 11, Avenue de l’Harmonie,
59650 Villeneuve-d’Ascq



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